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How to Make the Aluminum Profiles?

Jul. 28, 2020

Aluminum Profile -- it is usually aluminum extruded profile. A lot less often made use of various other types of aluminum profiles.

Aspects as well as details of frameworks, devices and also products.

Each Aluminum Extruded Profiles has its function, their buildings and qualities. If it's just a decorative element, the main purpose of which - to be beautiful, looks wonderful, its main characteristic that - excellent surface quality, its uniform color ornamental layer, powder, or anode.

AG真人娱乐试玩If set for aluminum profile, e.g. - matt anemic anodic layer, it needs to be a truly matt. This is the "haze" must be completely uniform when viewed from a provided distance and at an established angle, without any noticeable bands, as well as various other aesthetic surface suspensions. To guarantee that all, needed to apply a special aluminum alloy with a chemical composition, special innovation of its manufacture and also its special surface area therapy modern technology.

Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum Profiles, as components birthing building and construction or various other structures, require unique interest to their mechanical features:

AG真人娱乐试玩tensile toughness,

ductility limitation,

Reduction of location,

viscous properties.

In this situation, crucial to pick the appropriate alloy, his condition (the level of work hardening or warm treatment), as well as the called for dimensional accuracy during manufacture.

In other kinds of profiles, we should consider such residential properties, as deterioration resistance in the environment, which will work profile, sometimes - conductivity or heat resistance.

Aspects as well as details of structures, equipments and items

AG真人娱乐试玩Each aluminum profile has its objective, their buildings and also characteristics. If it's just a decorative aspect, the primary objective of which - to be lovely, looks great, its primary characteristic that - good surface high quality, its consistent shade decorative finish, powder or anode.

AG真人娱乐试玩If set for aluminum profile, e.g. - matt colorless anodic finish, it ought to be a truly matt. This is the "haze" should be completely uniform when checked out from a given distance as well as at a fixed angle, with no noticeable bands, and various other aesthetic surface gaps. To make sure that all, essential to apply a special aluminum alloy with a chemical make-up, special innovation of its manufacture and its unique surface therapy modern technology.

Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum profiles, as elements birthing construction or other frameworks, require unique focus to their mechanical features:

AG真人娱乐试玩tensile strength,

ductility limit,

Decrease of area,

thick residential properties.

In this case, crucial to pick the right alloy, his condition (the degree of job solidifying or warm treatment), in addition to the needed dimensional accuracy throughout manufacture.

In other kinds of profiles, we should take into consideration such homes, as corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, which will work profile, often - conductivity or heat resistance.

Kinds of aluminum profiles:

AG真人娱乐试玩The hollow profile.

Necessarily, these requirements are hollow aluminum profiles - those, which have a cross-section at least one shut cavity.

Strong profile.

Solid aluminum profiles do not have closed dental caries.

Solid matrices have several holes as well as planned for the manufacture of extrusions without tooth cavities. The hole in the solid matrix is specifically the same cross-section of the shaped article of aluminum.

Profile with An Open End

" Open up End" can be like a hollow, as well as have a strong profile. For these 3 sorts of profiles are given various needs for resistances geometrical measurements.

Aluminum Profiles

Semi-enclosed and also semi profiles

Hollow Aluminum Extrusion Profiles includeAG真人娱乐试玩, including, as well as profiles of the so-called semi-enclosed (semi-open) cavities. Commonly the profiles of this type are called semi-enclosed (semi-open). They are partly shut cavity, for example, circle or rectangular shape, the entryway to it from one side.

Not every partially shut tooth cavity changes from a solid profile semiclosed: its location An ought to be considerably above the size of the square of its input b (A > b), depending on the size of the entrance - in 2,0-4,5 fold.

" hollow" matrix

Hollow and semi-enclosed aluminum profiles are incorporated in one view, due to the fact that they are made in the supposed "hollow" matrices.

Hollow matrices are of 3 types:


AG真人娱乐试玩dies as well as.


profiles, made in such matrices, have one or more longitudinal welds due to the steel circulation around the bridges, that support mandrel. The mandrel identifies the interior profile contour. After passing these bridges, metal matrix prior to exiting again bonded in the welding chamber. Welding happen because of high pressure and heat. Strong profiles are pressed on a constant matrix - steel edges with several holes with the same cross-section, which the pressing profile.

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